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Now that the IFY course and the Grad Dip course are up and running, we thought it might be a good idea to hold a little photo competition.

Here in Dublin, there are so many places to photograph. We’ve got the autumnal trees everywhere, the red brick buildings and the rain filled clouds. Last year, we had some wonderful photos in our competition – you can see an example here.

We would very much like to see some of your photos. The theme is “New beginnings”. We would like to see photos that represent your experience in Ireland so far. This can be anything at all: a place that you really like, a view that inspires you, a selfie in a classroom – it doesn’t matter what the content is, we just want to get a glimpse of how you see Ireland, how you see Dublin. Perhaps you got some nice photos that you would like to share from the trip to Bray. Maybe you have a photo of the blood moon from last week. Or maybe a nice photo of Maths Stephen when he wasn’t looking.

If you are on instagram, you can post the picture and use the hashtag #difcireland. If you are on twitter, you can use the hashtag #difcireland. If you are on facebook, you can share the picture to our facebook page, again using the hashtag #difcireland

Dr. Lorraine will choose the best photo at the end of the month and that person will win a restaurant voucher. There will also be runners up prizes, as these photos prove.

Best of luck.




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