5 Reasons Why Dublin is a Great Place to Live and Study

Crazy weather, exotic accents (which might be initially difficult to understand) and heavy early morning traffic which never seems to affect lecturers, why do so many students flock to Ireland’s capital annually for the purpose of study? Well for so many reasons. The benefits of studying and living in Dublin by far exceed the flaws […]

By Nerilie Duffey | Blog

Essential Mobile Apps for Studying In Dublin

As a student, settling into a new country and environment can be challenging. From adapting to the weather to understanding the culture and so on. However, there are certain ‘must have’ mobile apps that will make it easier to get accustomed to Dublin. The list of Dublin Apps that I have made is a personal […]

By Nerilie Duffey | Blog

Best Options for Student Accommodation in Dublin

The one question that every international student asks before they travel to Ireland is ‘What are the best options for student accommodation in Dublin?’. Trying to research your options from abroad and decide what is suitable for you can be difficult – especially when you are living abroad and have never been to Dublin before! […]

By Nerilie Duffey | Blog

Understanding Dublin – Your Guide To What Dubliners Say And How They Say It

Ah, Dublin! The home of Oscar Wilde, Guinness, U2, Europe’s largest walled park and, of course, DIFC. Our wonderful city is a vibrant, beautiful place to study abroad and one of the friendliest cities in the world. But, one thing that often catches out our new students is the Dublin accent! Arriving in Dublin to […]

By Nerilie Duffey | Blog

Student Guest Blog – My First Month in Ireland

“What?! Ireland! Why Ireland?!” I got this question every time I said to my friends and family in Tanzania that I was moving to live and study in Dublin. My only response at the time was “I’ve heard the Irish are lovely people and I think DIFC is the place for me”. After long flights […]

By Nerilie Duffey | Blog

Photographs of Dublin

Now that the IFY course and the Grad Dip course are up and running, we thought it might be a good idea to hold a little photo competition. Here in Dublin, there are so many places to photograph. We’ve got the autumnal trees everywhere, the red brick buildings and the rain filled clouds. Last year, […]

By Stephen Bruce | Blog
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