Cost of Living

The cost for a student living in Dublin has ranged between €12,000 and €15,000 per year, largely depending on the type of accommodation chosen. These estimates include rent, electricity, food, books, laundry and medicine as well as travel passes and social expenses, but exclude tuition fees.

DIFC Students smiling at each other in a park
DIFC Students walking and smiling through a park

Comparison of Fees

ExpenseDublin, IrelandLondon,UK 
Foundation Course Fees€15,600€18,600
Living Costs (9 months)€12,000€18,500
Total for the year€27,600€37,100
Fees for Undergraduate Students in Irish Universities / Colleges
Business Degrees (3 years)€10,000 – €16,000 p.a.
Engineering / Science Degree
(4 years including 1-year Internship)
€10,000 – €16,000 p.a.

Fees and living costs in Dublin are around 25% less than in London.


Red brick houses with flowers and bushes at the front

The amount could be as little as €500 per month for a shared room and up to around €1,000 for a modest self-contained flat. There are a number of specialist student accommodation complexes, where we would recommend students live. The cost approximately €250 per week.


Inside of a restaurant

You will probably spend between €80 and €120 a week for food, including some meals bought on campus or in cheaper restaurants. Morning and Evening meals are included in homestay accommodation.


Inside of a bus

The cost of an average journey on a bus in Dublin is about €2.30 – however with the Student Leap Card you can travel across Dublin bus, commuter train (DART) and tram (Luas) services with a capped weekly fare of €30. This card also provides student discounts to a number of retailers in Dublin and across Ireland. You can apply for your card in person or via the post.


Cinema seats

Cinema tickets cost between €7 to €12. Student discounts are usually available during the week. Entrance fees to nightclubs generally vary between €7 and €15 depending on the venue. On average, a pint of beer in Dublin costs about €4.50 and a glass of wine costs about €5.

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