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Congratulations to our IFY and Grad Dip students who have made it through the first half of the first semester. Has the time gone quickly or slowly?

Next week is study week, so no classes. This week is a great opportunity to do the following:

1. Catch up: Maybe you missed a few classes. Maybe there was some homework you didn’t get finished on time. Maybe there were some pages you never got to read. Maybe some ideas that you didn’t really understand. Now, you can sit down, take your time and get back up to speed.

2. Review your time in DIFC: usually, you are constantly busy – rushing between classes, frantically trying to get work finished. This week has a much slower tempo. Why not use this time to stop and look back on your time in DIFC so far and ask yourself some questions. Are you happy with your study routine? Are you happy with the level of work you are doing? Are you being distracted by anything? Is there something that you would like to do differently? Maybe, you’d like to start coming to school earlier – spending an hour in the library before classes? Maybe you’d like to start bringing in coffee in a flask instead of buying it in the coffee shop?

3. Go see the new James Bond movie

4. Join the Dublin Public Library system. As well as being a member of GCD library, the public library system in Ireland is fantastic. You can order books/DVDs online. You can get audio books to practise your listening. You can join book clubs. Or you can sit in a quiet space and read the newspaper. And all for free.

5. The IFI cinema has a horror movie season to prepare for Halloween. This might be one way to enjoy Halloween. Alternatively look out your window to see the fireworks.

Enjoy the break and see you all in a week, hopefully refreshed and ready to go.

007 Spectre Official Trailer #2 (2015) Daniel Craig James Bond Movie HD



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