Student Testimonials

Two DIFC students in the library looking at a book

Jessica from Beijing
Now studying Accounting

Christine from Nigeria
Now studying Medicine at Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, Dublin

“Would like to thank every staff member that supported me , especially student services. I went through a really difficult time when I needed to sit my Exams and they were there for me. My advice to all the new students is just relax and do your best .”

We Kiet NG

“Studying with DIFC was a journey I would have never been able to anticipate. I studied the IFY Health Science programme with the aim of becoming a doctor. With many highs and some lows, my year in DIFC was a great and exciting one. The teaching staff were always very ready to help and very patient with us in the teaching and learning process. The learning environment was very helpful not only for syllabus content but also aided in learning new cultures from people all over the world and make new friends.

Living in Dublin allowed me to explore sides of me I was not aware of and helped me grow as a person. The city centre is always buzzing and was a great distraction from the schoolwork. After exploring Dublin, I have decided to explore another county in Ireland and so I am now going to study medicine in University College Cork for 5 years and explore Cork City.”

Vanessa Inkoom, Ghana
IFY Health Science, 2020
Medicine, University College Cork

“My time in Dublin was really enjoyable. The nightlife in Dublin was probably one of the more enjoyable experience as the bars are always packed on every day of the week and each with its own aesthetic. I would really enjoy coming back to Dublin for vacation and my friends.

I would also like to express my gratitude to DIFC for helping me to settle down in Dublin and to the teachers of DIFC which had a great sense of humour and care over us all.”

Ken Mun Lee
IFY Business, 2020
Law, Queen’s University Belfast

“The DIFC team was pivotal in helping me achieve my dream of studying in the Biomedical science field. During my time at DIFC I got to meet people from all over the world, giving me the opportunity to learn about many different cultures. I found the academic staff to be incredibly passionate in their subjects, they inspired and gave me all the skills required to excel. DIFC’s staff were not only committed to helping me achieve all the goals I had set for myself but also made my health and well being a priority.  I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of my studies.

Living in Dublin has been such an amazing experience. The streets of Dublin, with buskers and flower carts on every corner, are something I had never previously experienced. Before the lock down I found it to be a safe, wonderful, festive city filled with friendly people.”

Tiffany Vieira, South Africa
IFY Science, 2020
Biological & Biomedical Science, Maynooth University

“I will never forget my time studying at DIFC, simply because of how at home I felt. All the staff and students that I met were friendly and welcoming. Studying was also a wonderful experience, the lecturers were really good at explaining things and keeping the lectures interesting. I was always waiting impatiently for the next math lecture because of how much I enjoyed them.


I didn’t get to enjoy Dublin for the whole duration of the course because of Covid-19. But, when I was able to go out, it was incredibly fun. Although it rained quite often, taking a walk with friends on sunny days was so much fun. A swell as walking around Dublin City and trying out all the restaurants that we found. Finally, the parks were a good place to have some quiet time and relax.”

Abdulrahman Al Zeidi, Oman
IFY Engineering & Technology, 2020
Electrical Engineering, Cork Institute of Technology

“DIFC has opened my path up to all the opportunities that I did not know was available to me. My fear of pursuing a degree as an international student was completely squashed after completing my semester at DIFC. My teachers were actual superhumans who managed to maintain the high standard of teaching and learning during this time of Covid-19 through various online platforms at the comfort of our own homes. Thanks to the placement team, I never felt stressed with the demands of application procedures and deadlines. I am grateful for how DIFC has shaped me into a student with bigger dreams and a broader mindset; I don’t feel so afraid to grasp opportunities.

Being in the heart of Dublin, I got to experience Irish culture and the exciting nightlife. I have made the best friends who have the made this journey so easy and exciting for me such that Ireland felt like a second home.”

Neha Singh, South Africa
IFY Health Science, 2020
Medicine, UCLan


“The whole experience is just enjoyable, especially the family I’m living with.

They help me a lot, not only to study but also with daily life.

The father was a chef in France, I’m very lucky!”

GE Zou, China
Pre-Masters Programme, 2018
International Banking and Finance, University of Salford

DIFC student ge-zou-aria

“My experience studying with DIFC has been the highlight of my life. Dublin is a very lovely city but DIFC has enriched my experienced and further developed my character especially with the opportunity to be a class rep. DIFC had scheduled classes very well leaving us students’ room to explore Ireland despite the condensed course.

I was disheartened to have college shortened due to coronavirus but DIFC’s remarkable teachers and student support ensured that we still had a full college experience through various platforms.”

Priscilla Jeyaraj, Malaysia
IFY Health Science, 2020
Biomedical Science, Queen’s University Belfast

“My experience with DIFC has been exciting and all-around amazing. Since the beginning of the course, the staff and students services team have been very supportive, especially during the time of pandemic. You get pretty busy as the course is quite intense, so my advice would be to learn how to manage your time well or else you will be easily overwhelmed by the amount of work. But, overall I had a good time and really enjoyed my course, thanks to my classmates and dedicated teachers.

The exciting part, of course, was being in Europe for the very first time. The city of Dublin is lovely, though I sprained my ankles twice walking on the cobblestone roads (note: bring good footwear). I enjoyed going to the pubs and local events with friends and travelling round Ireland including places like Howth and the Ring of Kerry. There is no doubt a lot to see and do in Ireland. I have just been accepted to study BA (Hons) Architecture at the University of Kent and am looking forward to beginning my journey there.”

Hui Wen Tan, Malaysia
IFY Engineering & Technology, 2020
Architecture, University of Kent

DIFC student monica-ojoo


“My favourite part about studying here has been the diversity. It has given me a chance to learn in the same environment with people from all over the world.

DIFC offers excellent student services and cares about each student.

Come to Ireland with an open mind and have no restrictions on what to do because this is an amazing journey of self-discovery.”

Monica Anyango Yongo Ojoo,  Kenya
IFYEngineering & Technology, 2018
Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Queen’s University Belfast



“The quality of the education system in Ireland is the main reason why I chose this country in terms of studying abroad.

There are many universities located in Ireland.

There is always an opportunity to meet new people who come from many different countries all over the world.”

Nguyen Huynh Kim Xuan, Vietnam
Pre-Master’s Programme, 2018
International Accounting and Analytics, NUI Galway

DIFC student nguyen-huynh-ki-xuan-jeffy
DIFC student hyeonwook-jeong-wookyi

“My advice is, don’t be shy!

Take everything in and you will have such good memories, experiences and friends from DIFC and Ireland.

I would recommend DIFC and Ireland to anyone looking to study abroad!”

Hyeonwook Jeong, South Korea
IFY Engineering & Technology, 2018
Actuarial and Financial Mathematics, Dublin City University

“My experience at DFIC has not been short of mixed feelings.

What made the experience at DIFC easier was how helpful and understanding the support staff and lecturers have been during the duration of my studies.

Three months into my study program, Covid-19 struck and exclusive online studies were introduced.  The change was harsh, but not without help because the teaching staff were exceptionally understanding and helpful

Outside school, life in Dublin is mostly about carrying your coat and not your umbrella because its usually windy and rainy here.  But I love it that way.  However, Dublin is a lovely place, friendly people and chances of one getting a smile from a stranger everyday is always there.  I am looking forward to exploring more of Ireland, post Covid 19 movement restrictions.”

Niza Banda, Zambia
IFY Business, 2020
Business, National College of Ireland

Malaysian student smiling

A few years ago I chose to study in DIFC to prepare myself for third level education. In DIFC I received a great western-style pre-college experience and useful study tips from the staff, no mention thousands of potential offers from partner universities across Ireland and the UK.

After a year in DIFC, I entered the DIT. I did exceptionally well in DIT and received PhD scholarship in my final year of undergraduate course. I have to admit that I can never achieve these without the choice of studying in DIFC.

I miss the year.

Mingzhu Chen, China
Pre-Master’s Programme
Ph.D. in Engineering at Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)

“My time here at DIFC has simply been exceptional. The support I received from the staff of DIFC has helped me grow in countless ways over a short period of time. Being a class rep, I make a lot of observations and I have seen a similar growth in my classmates from different nationalities.

On arrival in Dublin, I was quite timid and did not know what to expect in Ireland, but with help from the DIFC Student Services, I settled in quickly. The Irish people are also very friendly and have interesting cultural festivals.”

David Ochai, Nigeria
IFY Health Science, 2015
Pharmacy, RCSI Dublin

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Dublin International Foundation College not just because the staff – be it the academic staff or the student services team – were wonderful, but because of the amazing experience I’ve gotten from being a part of the students there.

As an international student, it might seen nerve-wrecking to be sent to a country so far away from home, not to mention, it could be difficult to adjust to the lifestyle there. However, as DIFC is a college which specialises in providing a foundation course for international students, it’s really not as hard to find students in similar positions.

Not to mention, the programme NCUK was excellent. I got the opportunity to do both assignments and exams. It really helped me in university now because I am expected to do assignments and give presentations and such. I feel if I had taken A levels I would not have been able to even cite or reference properly.

The staff in DIFC are truly excellent. I felt they truly do care for each and every one of their students, trying their hardest to educate us in the best way possible.

It was an amazing experience for me and truly something I cannot recommend enough. “

Ali Rifai from Jordan

Now studying Medicine at RCSI Dublin

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