Access to over 40 University Partners across the world including 8 of the Top 100 Universities worldwide

DIFC provides full University placement counselling to students from all over the world who wish to study for an overseas degree.

All students who successfully pass the NCUK International Foundation Year or Master’s Preparation qualifications with DIFC will achieve a university place in their chosen field of study. In fact, over the years we have successfully helped over 1,600 international students progress to undergraduate or postgraduate degrees.

Being the only NCUK Study Centre in Ireland, DIFC offers student’s access to NCUK Universities worldwide – which provides you with thousands of courses to choose from for your university studies. This means it keeps your options open, rather than restricting your progression to just one university.

NCUK Universities

The NCUK International Foundation Year and Master’s Preparation qualifications provide you with guaranteed access to the NCUK Universities.

9 of NCUK Universities are ranked in the top 100 Universities worldwide!

NCUK Universities - International Foundation Year Dublin

Irish University Partners

DIFC has partnerships with a number of Irish universities, which accept the International Foundation Year and Pre-Masters programmes.

4 of our Irish University partners are ranked in the top 2% of Universities worldwide.

Medical University Partners

DIFC’s specialised Medicine Foundation programme offers students access
to dedicated Medical University partners located across Ireland, UK, and mainland Europe.

DIFC Medical University Partners

Non-Partner Universities

If the university you would like to attend isn’t listed, DIFC has a dedicated Admissions and Placement Service that will be able to support your application. And, if you don’t get into the University of your first choice, our University network means you have an excellent choice of over 40 universities who will offer you a suitable place based on your grades.

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