Course Fees

DIFC offers a variety of programmes for international students who wish to progress their careers in leading European and international universities. When you study abroad with DIFC you can rest assured that your dream career is in reach.

Below you will see a breakdown of tuition and other fees to study with DIFC. Please note that DIFC do not provide full scholarships as we are a private institution. Flexible payment plans can be arranged. Please contact us with any queries.

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Breakdown of Fees

Dublin Campus € Cork Campus €
Tuition Fees for Foundation Programmes
International Foundation Year €13,600 €11,000
International Foundation Year Health Science €15,800 €13,000
Pre-Masters Programme €13,600 N/A
Fees for Foundation Year Language Preparation
3 Months €2,500 €2,500
Additional Compulsory Costs
NCUK Registration & Placement (IFY & PMP) €1,150  €1,150
NCUK Registration & Placement (IFY Health Sci) €1,450 €1,450
Books & Course Materials €200 €200
Annual Medical Insurance €200 €200
Bank Charges €42 €42
Additional Optional Costs
Four weeks homestay accommodation(including meals & utilities) €50 registration applies €700 €800
Four weeks homestay accommodation(students under 18 years) €50 registration applies €800 €800

Tuition Fees

The total tuition fees comprise:

  • Programme Fee
  • NCUK Registration & Examination
  • Fee
  • Medical Insurance
  • Course Materials
  • Bank Charges
  • Optional airport/college transfer service
  • Optional Accommodation &
  • Arrangement Fees
  • Re-booking Fee (if applicable)


Students Under 18 Years

Guardianship fee of €500 Dublin campus.

For Cork campus fees, please contact us.


Methods of Payment

Tuition fees should be paid by bank transfer to the DIFC bank account details provided.


When You Study with DIFC You Can Avail of University Scholarships of up to €20,000.

Science & Pharmacy Scholarships available worth 25% of tuition fees. €20,000
Scholarships worth 25% of tuition fees on all programmes. €12,000 over four years.
Part scholarships worth €2,000 per year available on all programmes. €8,000 over four years.

On-Campus Accommodation should be booked at

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