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Ireland is ranked 3rd safest country in the world

Considering studying in Ireland? Feeling safe and secure is a major consideration for any student who is thinking about studying abroad.

Ireland has ranked third in a list of the world’s safest countries to live and travel. The Global Peace Index (GPI) is compiled by the Institute for Economics & Peace, based in Sydney. It is the leading measure of global peacefulness, ranking 163 of the world’s countries in relation to safety and security.

The GPI analyses data across a range of categories such as political stability, neighbouring country relations, internal and external conflicts, homicides and incarceration rates. According to the GPI, Ireland is now ranked behind Iceland as the second most peaceful country in Europe and the third most peaceful country in the world. The top 5 countries in relation to levels of peacefulness according to the GPI are as follows: Iceland, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark and Austria.

If completing your International Foundation Year (IFY) in a safe and secure environment is important to you, then the programmes on offer at DIFC (Dublin International Foundation College) in Dublin, Ireland are the perfect option. In addition, Ireland is the only native English speaking country in the Euro zone. Our small class sizes (maximum 15 students) ensure you obtain a high level of academic support. We are Ireland’s largest independent foundation College and the only NCUK centre in Ireland. This is a winning formula to put you on the pathway of progression to your dream course at a top overseas University.







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