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DIFC is expanding to South Asian and India Markets

DIFC present in ICEF Mumbai eventDIFC is interested in expanding its participation in the South Asian and Indian markets which includes countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Last week we had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the ICEF South Asia, in Mumbai, where our Sales Manager Fiona Cruickshank spoke to and developed relationships with specialized market agents.

The last few years have seen a significant increase in interest in studying abroad from the Indian market. According to the data offered by ICEF the appeal of this market has grown by 27 per cent, even during the pandemic years.  DIFC is in a prime position to offer  high-quality education pathway programmes, run in collaboration with NCUK {}, to this demographic.

Why should high school South Asian and Indian students consider a foundation course at DIFC?

The foundation courses offered by DIFC are a great opportunity for the South Asian and Indian markets to start the adventure of studying abroad before entering the University.

The Foundation Pathway programme offers excellent academic preparation and support to new and existing students. DIFC facilitates entrance to more than 63 universities across the global. This guarantees an international and multicultural experience as our partner universities have an established presence in more than ten countries around the world including but not limited to Ireland, the UK, the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Furthermore, DIFC offers pre-University programmes focused on the professions that are currently in the most demand. Our specialized health and science course offer students the opportunity to apply to different medical Universities around the world and ensures a smooth transition into some of the most respected institutions such as the Royal College of Surgeons of Ireland (RCSI). We also provide courses with a focus on business or engineering whereby students are prepared  to study at the best and most recognized universities in these specific fields.


DIFC is more than just a foundation course.

DIFC has an ethos that is aimed at creating rewarding experiences not only in regard to academia – we seek to enhance student experiences outside of the classroom and offer a wide range of supports to ensure the students have a wonderful and fulfilling experience living outside their country Our student support system is superb and we endeavour to support students both practically and psychologically.

South Asian students who choose DIFC as their first stop in terms of studying abroad have a highly specialized team to provide all the necessary support to adapt to the new country., Included in this service is an excellent welfare and emotional support group to assist in this transition. In addition to these services, DIFC offers invaluable advice and support regarding all visa procedures.

What about the accommodation in Dublin?

In conjunction with all these services, DIFC offers the support of providing accommodation specially designed for students. This is an environment where all students  can live in a safe environment, which in turn helps them to strengthen their interaction outside of school and create bonds with new people. DIFC strives to help students build their new life away from home in a stress-free and nurturing setting.

This is the motivation that has spurred DIFC to expand its presence in the South Asian and Indian markets., Students from this region will reap the benefits of DIFC’s established relationships with some of best universities in the world and excellent academic and student supports. DIFC’s placement rates with top -ranking institutions are a testament to the quality standard of our courses and past students will testify to the community-centred approach within the college.

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