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Disappointed with your International Baccalaureate (IB) results?

Have you missed out on entry to top universities because you didn’t achieve the required points? If this is you, then you may be thinking that’s the end of your study abroad hopes or looking to lower ranked universities – right? Wrong! The good news is studying abroad at leading universities is still possible with the NCUK International Foundation Year offered by DIFC.

Many top ranked universities look for IB points of 30 and upwards for admission to their Bachelor degree programmes, so it can be very disappointing for international students who don’t quite achieve those marks. Many students give up their hopes of studying abroad without looking into alternative pathways to their desired undergraduate degree. But, the good news is, you can still pursue your studies at a top ranked university by progressing through the NCUK International Foundation Year (IFY) programme.


How can the IFY help me to study abroad?

The NCUK IFY is designed to help international students to develop their skills and knowledge to support you in achieving a university place. It is the equivalent to an A-Level qualification and structured in much the same way, where you will study three academic subjects in addition to English for Academic Purposes.

For students who don’t achieve the required IB points for direct admission, the IFY is an ideal pathway to help you to further develop you academic knowledge, as well as prepare you for studying abroad at university, so that you can progress to leading universities in Ireland or the UK – rather than settling for a lower ranked university or staying in your home country.

Furthermore, the IFY is delivered in tailored streams to suit your study plan. Students can study Foundation in Business/Law, Engineering & Technology, Science or Health Science.



What is the minimum IB points required for admission?

We can accept students with 22 points upwards. Therefore, the IFY is the best route to university for students who have either just missed the required IB points or those who have felt the IB didn’t suit them.


What IFY grades do I need to achieve for university admission?

The IFY provides students with guaranteed access to the full network of NCUK partner universities in the UK and DIFC’s Irish partner university network, once you successfully pass the programme.

Entry requirements vary between the universities and you can search the possible progression options here


Where can I study after the IFY?

By studying with DIFC, you can progress to leading universities in Ireland, UK, Australia, USA and mainland Europe. Our university partners are as follows:


NCUK UK partner universities



Irish partner universities



Medicine partner universities


How to apply?

Applications are still open for September 2017 intake, but places are limited. You can submit your application online here

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