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Why South Korean students should study foundation courses in Ireland

Ireland is one of the most attractive options for South Korean students due to its high academic level and worldwide educational recognition.

In addition to the high academic level of the institutions, studying in Ireland is also an opportunity for South Korean students to practice English in real life, as it is the most spoken language in the country.

DIFC is the best option for South Korean students 

The foundation programme at DIFC allows recent graduates from high school to join in January and apply for the most prestigious universities in September 2023, they will make the most of their time and they have the most amazing experience living abroad, meeting new people, and preparing themselves for University.

DIFC guarantees a place in any of the NCUK Universities for South Korean students

Studying a foundation programme in Ireland at DIFC allows South Korean students to aim towards studying at any of the top NCUK Universities, either within Ireland or at various top universities worldwide.

The DIFC foundation programme offers different academic programmes for people interested in Health and Science, Sciences, Business and Engineering covering subjects such as business, economics, physics, and administration, chemistry, biology, mathematics, this enables the student to apply to university degree courses choosing from Pharmacy, Finance, Business, to Engineering.

DIFC have partnerships with various prestigious Universities around the world which guarantees progression to the chosen institution if the student achieves required grades.

Dublin is the favourite multicultural capital in Europe for South Korean students

Dublin multicultural capital of Ireland

Thousands of South Korean students come to Dublin every year to continue their studies and start building their global identity since Ireland has become the technological capital of Europe, and it has even been dubbed “the European Silicon Valley”, in addition to the high-academic quality Ireland offers.

As well as the different academic opportunities that Dublin and Ireland offer to South Korean students, the Irish capital also offers a dynamic energy that captivates all the young people who arrive year after year.

The multiple cultural activities offered by Dublin make’s the experience for South Korean students enriched with all the folklore and multiculturalism that can be found in every corner of this city.

More reasons for South Korean students to study in Ireland?

Due to the very good relationship between South Korea and Ireland, South Korean students do not need a visa before arriving, they can process their student visa once they arrive in Ireland.  DIFC Student Services team are specialized and trained to offer all the necessary advice and support on this matter.  DIFC also help students arrange their accommodation and offer daily support to all students throughout the duration of their course.  Their door is always open for any questions you may have.DIFC student services

DIFC has a humanistic approach in its dealings with students as it supports the student in their day-to-day life by giving them tools and counselling to go through this experience. In addition to being exciting, DIFC has a dedicated team of staff and have years of experience, meeting any challenges that the student may face in this new journey.

These are some of the reasons why South Korean students should study at DIFC as it offers the best academic and support to enter top Universities.


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