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DIFC students attend Maynooth University Open Day

Maynooth University Open Day proved to be a fantastic experience for our students

Dublin International Foundation College organized an exciting trip for students to the Maynooth University Open Day. The event proved to be an excellent opportunity for our students to explore the university and learn about the different programs on offer.

The Maynooth University campus is a beautiful and vibrant space, and our students were thrilled to get a chance to explore it. The tour was led by knowledgeable and friendly staff members who showed us around the university’s different faculties and buildings. The students were impressed by the modern facilities and the stunning architecture of the campus.

During the tour, the students also got to interact with current Maynooth University students and faculty members who provided them with useful insights about the university’s programs and courses. They got to learn about the different undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including Business, Science, Engineering, Law, and Social Sciences, among others.

The students were delighted to learn about the university’s research facilities and initiatives, which reflect Maynooth’s commitment to innovation and excellence. They also got to learn about the various extracurricular activities and clubs available, including sports, music, and drama, among others.

Overall, the Maynooth University Open Day proved to be a fantastic experience for our students. They left with a deeper understanding of the university and its programs, and they were inspired by the passion and dedication of the staff and students. We would like to thank Maynooth University for hosting us and for providing our students with such an incredible opportunity.

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