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Ireland is your number one destination if you are thinking of studying abroad.

With excellent employment opportunities and often voted one of the safest and friendliest countries for International students to study. Here are our five reasons why you should study in Ireland.

1) Ireland is the ideal location to learn the English language

The English language has now become the global language of business. Ireland is one of only English-speaking countries in the EU and living and studying in Ireland is a great way to improve your listening and speaking ability. Once you arrive in Ireland you will quickly discover that the Irish love to chat as they are great conservationists. Sometimes it can be easy to get lost in a conversation if you don’t know the local slang, not to worry you can check out our complete slang guide to living in Ireland.

2) Ireland is a safe country for international students

The Irish people take huge pride on the welcome they offer to new arrivals to the Emerald Isle. The friendliness and hospitality of the Irish people contributes significantly to the ease with which international students adapt to the student life in Ireland. The fact that Ireland is well renowned for being a safe country sees over 35,000 international students from over 161 countries studying here.  Hear what some of our current and past students have to say about studying in DIFC and Ireland.

3) Studying abroad looks good on a CV and impresses employers

If there is one thing that employers look for in a CV, it is life experience and skills. Studying abroad shows a willingness to learn and grow. Studying abroad in Ireland will help you stand out from the crowd with the unique skills you have gained from your time here.  Ireland is one of the countries that allows you to study and work at the same time.

Studies carried out have shown that graduates with international experience receive greater professional responsibility.

4) Ireland offers excellent employment opportunities

Ireland is a country full of opportunities and is home to numerous big multinational companies. Ireland is the 2nd most attractive country for FDI after Singapore which has seen Ireland become a hub for big companies such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, GSK, Pfizer etc setting up their European headquarters here. This has seen many international students choosing to stay in Ireland after graduation as they have huge employment opportunities right at their fingertips.

Ireland also offers a stay and work visa. Any non EU/EEA students who graduates from Irish Higher Education institutions can remain in Ireland for two years to seek employment

5) Ireland is known for its quality education system

If you study in Ireland, you are studying in one of the best education systems in the world for higher education achievements. Regularly referred to as the land of saints and scholars, Ireland’s higher education institutions are well established in the global ranks for educational excellence.

Not alone is every international student guaranteed excellent academic quality, colleges in Ireland also offer various support systems to ensure the best possible experience for students, equipping them with the skills and knowledge to carry through to the real world.  It is cheaper to study in Ireland compared to the UK. Fees and living costs in Dublin are 35-40% less than in London.

DIFC Why Study In Ireland

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