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Summer holidays as a Medical Student

Well, Summer is well and truly done now. It almost feels like a distant memory now that I’m back in Medical school for the past month. However, this would probably be one of my most memorable Summers in years. The Summer kicked off with the celebration of both my cousin and brother graduating from RCSI […]

By Nerilie Duffey | Blog

1st Year of Medical College

Many of the students who come to DIFC do so because they wish to study medicine. Becoming a doctor is a wonderful ambition, but as Dr. Kennedy explained in this post, it takes a lot of hard work and diligence. It can be a long and challenging road. The first year in medical college can […]

By Stephen Bruce | Blog

Interview with Dr Kieran Kennedy, General Practitioner and University Lecturer

In this interview, Dr Kieran Kennedy shares his experience of studying medicine and working as a medical doctor here in Ireland. Dr Kennedy is a Lecturer in Clinical Methods and Clinical Practice in the School of Medicine at the National University of Ireland Galway. He is involved in teaching undergraduate medical students at all stages of their […]

By Stephen Bruce | Blog
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