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Why study in Ireland?

Choosing where to study abroad can be a difficult decision – especially when there are so many options including UK, Australia, USA, Germany, Netherlands and, of course, Ireland!

Studying in Ireland provides amazing opportunities for International students due to the high standard of education, the value for money compared to other key destinations like the UK and USA and, of course, the friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

But, we may be a little biased, so we asked a few of our current students why they chose Ireland as their ultimate destination to start their international studies.

Having a great opportunity of studying abroad, my first question was where to study and fulfil my future goal of becoming a medical doctor; Ireland came into my mind many times and I did not hesitate to come to Dublin. Since I arrive, Ireland has never disappointed me even a second. I am surrounded with such an amazing friendly people who make me feel home and avoid homesickness. Moreover, DIFC is more than a school not only in providing an outstanding education but also helping international students to fit into Irish culture. Over all, I am optimistic that DIFC will help join one of the best partner medical universities.

Lambert Ntashamaje from Rwanda

Currently studying International Foundation Year – Health & Science




Dublin is a wonderful destination for international students to have a quality education and comfortable lifestyle to settle into and study. Getting the opportunity to study abroad helped me to make new friends from all around the world, which has been a wonderful experience for me. The last thing I would say is that the city is the most friendliest place and it made me feel like I was home.

Akhila Sriram from India

Currently studying International Foundation Year – Health and Science






I have actually spent a year in Ireland before and I absolutely loved the country! Irish people are lovely and kind as it is already well known. Also, there are a lot of towns and places having absolutely beautiful landscapes, especially west of Ireland. It is a great chance to hike around if you’re interested in hiking like me!

Juhyun Kim from Korea

Currently studying International Foundation Year – Business







As one of the only English speaking countries in Europe, Ireland offers the opportunity to experience a different culture without having a grapple with a language barrier. Since arriving, I experienced warm welcomes from their people. I am very pleased to choose Ireland for studying because of their high education that they require and being one of the safest countries in the world.

Sara Hajisabbagh from Iran

Currently studying International Foundation Year – Health and Science






Surfing the internet for a university was a rather difficult task for me. I wanted to study in a country with a high standard of education and also one in which I would enjoy living in.

After choosing my top 3 countries, Ireland instantly stoked my deep interest when I read a documentary on the sites and history of Ireland. The history of Ireland is deep rooted and rich. There are forts, castles, ancient tombs, breathtaking rock formations and notable landmarks EVERYWHERE. Ireland houses beautiful and magnificent sites with a myriad of stories to go with them.

After having spent 3 months in Ireland, all I can say is “bored” will be a word that you can completely remove from your vocabulary if one is a lover of nature, sightseeing and travelling and thanks to Ireland and it’s beautiful sites, I have developed a new skill – photography!

Chukwuemeka Taylor from Gambia

Currently studying International Foundation Year – Business


Ireland was nominated as the 4th friendliest country in the world but I would easily deny it. I have lived here for 4 months now and Ireland definitely ranks number 1 as the friendliest country in the world. After deciding to study Banking and Finance choosing a country was the conundrum. Although London was my first choice, Ireland attracted my attention. It is not only home to numerous companies and firms but also provides foreign students a grace period of one entire year to look for a job. Dublin is full of life and social activities that had made my experience here fulfilling. The general atmosphere in Dublin is optimistic (despite the weather!) and there is a very strong support system for foreign students to feel welcomed. I do not regret choosing Dublin to pursue my higher education and I could most definitely see myself working in Ireland.

Lakshmi Devi Umapathy from Malaysia

Currently studying International Foundation Year – Business


Studying in Ireland gave me the opportunity to live with different people from different cultures. I am experiencing a brand-new country with incredible new outlooks, customs and activities. DIFC is providing me with new style of education which will prepare me for university life. I’m planning on studying Civil Engineering in NUI Galway. I really enjoy the method of teaching with experienced and cooperative staff and it’s turning me into a better, more disciplined student. The majority of people in Ireland are kind and friendly. That creates a healthy and cheering atmosphere and allows me to enjoy living in this country.

Mir Murtaza Jamali  from Pakistan

Currently studying International Foundation Year – Engineering and Technology


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