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Why South Korean students should consider DIFC?

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Ireland and DIFC is the ideal study destination for South Korean students.

I’m aware that Ireland is not a well-known country for South Korean students who want to learn English and progress to further study abroad. However, Ireland and DIFC would be an awesome choice if you are looking for a pathway to go to college/university. DIFC’s Foundation programme offers the perfect bridge between your home country and UK/Irish universities.

Here is why I think Ireland is a great place to study:

Ireland is an English-speaking country. (Although there is an Irish language called Gaeilge, you would hardly meet anyone who speaks Gaeilge in this place!) This automatically makes Ireland a good place to learn English for Korean students who only learnt a little bit of English in school and never got to practice English in real life scenarios.

The question I always got asked would be “Why Ireland? Why not the UK?”

The main reason why I chose Ireland over the UK would be the cost of living and education! We all want to spend our money cost effectively, especially if you are just studying in a foreign country, you want to spend less but still have a good time and a good quality of life while you are there.  I wouldn’t say Ireland is a cheap place however it is cheaper compared to the UK, also it offers everything you need! Studying abroad is a big investment and it is quite pricey so you want to manage money as best as you can.

Finally and most importantly why DIFC?  Why not another foundation college?

DIFC offers you many opportunities. One of them is that DIFC makes sure that it’s students are getting familiar with the Irish education system, which is significantly different from the Korean education system.

I remember when I was in a school in Korea, I wasn’t happy with the education system as well as the environment at school. Students are very competitive, with an attitude of like I will survive and you won’t. It is a very stressful environment to study in and can ruin your relationship with others. DIFC will teach you how to adjust to studying in Ireland. Also they will tutor you and help you to make the best choice for your further study/career. And you will also learn this is not a competition between students, it is a fight for yourself that you can achieve your own goal and not compare yourself to other peoples goals.

Students sitting around a desk laughing and on laptopsI could tell you more but these are the main reasons why you should join us in DIFC and study with us! I promise you won’t regret it. Coming to DIFC is the best choice I ever made as the great teachers there introduced me to my dream career.

Just a side note that my brother took the same route and he was the top student in DIFC and is doing well in his college (which happens to be exactly same course in same college as me!)

By DIFC Ambassador Sunyeong Jeong.

Make Your Own Pathway to Your Dream Career at DIFC.

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