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Ireland is one of the best countries to study medicine in Europe and one of the most preferred for medical students. The country is often regarded as having one of Europe’s top healthcare systems. Thousands of international students from all over the world have chosen Ireland in recent years to pursue English-taught international medicine and dentistry degrees, as well as other health science courses at Irish universities. 

Ireland has a long history of academic brilliance and is home to some of the world’s brightest minds. Education in Ireland is certainly a life-changing experience that will open opportunities for you.  


3 Reasons That make Ireland The Best Country To Study Medicine In Europe 

Many reasons make Ireland one of the best countries to study medicine in Europe. In this blog, we have highlighted 3 main reasons why you should consider Ireland your top 1st option for pursuing your undergraduate and graduate degrees. 


The Only English-Speaking Country in the EU 

Ireland offers the advantages of an education in an English-speaking country at Europe’s cultural, economic, and technological forefront. Following Brexit, Ireland is now the sole majority English-speaking country in the European Union. Moreover, in the past decade, Ireland has become more and more popular as an international study destination, being one of the top choices for international students and one of the best countries to study medicine in Europe 

Pursuing your studies in an English-speaking country can open new career opportunities. In a globalised world, refining your English skills, mainly focusing on the career path you want to pursue, is extremely valuable. Besides, the number of scientific articles written in English has begun to outnumber those written in the researcher’s mother tongue. As a result, having excellent knowledge of English has become incredibly vital for people working in the scientific area. 

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High-quality and Cost-Effective Education 

Ireland provides several opportunities for overseas students, and the Irish universities are among the top 5% in the world, making Ireland one of the best countries to study medicine in Europe. 30 higher education institutions in Ireland offer over 5,000 programmes leading to globally recognised degrees and quality certified credentials. The country is noted for its world-class medical training where Irish medical school graduates are consistently accepted into top-tier residency programmes worldwide.

Besides its top quality, Ireland’s education system has proven to be cost-effective. Tuition expenses for non-EU students vary greatly depending on the institution and programme of study but are often more affordable than in other study destinations. Over a hundred scholarships are available for overseas students and their application process is often simpler when compared to other countries. The wide variety of scholarships can make studying abroad an affordable, achievable dream.

Opportunity to Pursue a Career in Ireland 

Since 2007 the Irish government has implemented the Third Level Graduate Programme that allows legally resident Irish-educated non-EU graduates to remain in Ireland after their studies for a period of twelve months. During this period, international students are allowed to live and work in Ireland full-time. The purpose of this programme is to seek graduate-level employment and apply for a work (either general or critical skills employment permit) visa or research hosting agreement. 

There are several occupations and skills included on Ireland’s current skills shortage list. The current updated Critical Skills list may be found on the Ireland immigration website. Some important skill shortage areas for students in healthcare are as follows: Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, Opticians, and Radiologists. 


Top Medical Universities in Ireland 

Since 2009, DIFC have placed over 300 students in their chosen medical university in Ireland and other English-speaking countries like the UK, New Zealand, Australia, the US, and Canada. Want to pursue your studies in one of the best countries to study medicine in Europe? Here is a list of the top medical universities in Ireland: 

  • Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland 
  • NUI Galway 
  • University College Cork 
  • University of Limerick 
  • University College Dublin (UCD) 
  • Trinity College 

Check out DIFC’s partner universities here. 


Want to apply for college in one of the best countries to study medicine in Europe? 

If you are an international student coming from a different educational background or have experienced a different educational system, the entry requirements for college in Ireland or even the programme structure may seem a setback. However, regardless of the differences, there is a way of preparing yourself for a Medicine programme in Ireland and guaranteeing you a place in the university in one of the best countries to study medicine in Europe. DIFC’s International Foundation Year in Health Science is specifically designed to support international students to progress to study Medicine in leading Medical Universities in Ireland and other English-speaking countries like the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. 

Start your preparation for college in one of the best countries to study medicine in Europe with DIFC and be ahead of the competition when pursuing your dream career in Health Sciences. 

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