NCUK IFY Courses & Entry Requirements

International Foundation Year (IFY)
Students Guide
To gain entry to the NCUK University Partners students need to pass all subject modules and English for Academic Purpose (EAP)*. The final subject marks are given as grades and these grades equate to points. This is shown in the table below.

NCUK IFY Grade IFY Marking Criteria: Percentage NCUK IFY Points
A* Exceptional performance. Clear logical thinking, lucidly expressed. Evidence of originality. 80+% 140
A Excellent – demonstrated learning of a high standard with clear evidence of application and synthesis. 70-80% 120
B Good – demonstrated competence, well-developed approach to the subject. Ability to apply concepts and synthesise material. 60-70% 100
C Satisfactory – average performance, demonstrated strengths and weaknesses. Reasonable knowledge and understanding of the subject. 50-60% 80
D Adequate – sufficient performance. Work characterised by errors and omissions. Some misunderstandings of basic concepts and principles. 40-50% 60
E Barely adequate performance. Weak understanding of conceptual frameworks. Many errors and omissions, confused exposition of issues. Poor understanding of class notes and/or little evidence of independent study. 35-40% 40
U Ungraded – totally insubstantial, absent, incomplete or inadequate work. 0


IFY entry requirements

Some partners will refer to points rather than grades – where partners refer to points please use the following equivalence points table to convert to Grades. Please note; EAP is not used in the points calculations ( only contents subject are used).

English Language Requirements

All students are required to have a sufficient command of English in order to cope with the demands of a degree course. For students from most countries, this means they must study English for Academic Purposes (EAP) in order to improve their reading, writing, listening & speaking

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