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I knew then I had to get in touch with DIFC as they would be the pathway to my dream university, so I contacted them online.

I wanted to go abroad to start my high-level education since I was very young, but my academic performance was not very good. I then decided to start researching foundation courses that would provide a pathway to enter an outstanding university.

I’ve always wanted to visit Europe since a very young age. Ireland always stood out to me and after further research became my first choice. Numerous well-known film directors chose Ireland to shoot some of their scenes, such as Brave Heart, Harry Potter, Leap Year, Game of Thrones, etc. As a film enthusiast, I knew Ireland was right for me.

But first I had some challenges to overcome, I had poor language skills in English, I had no experience of going abroad, I had no stay alone experience and I did not know how to apply for a visa.

Then luckily for me one of my friends told me about DIFC, she was a DIFC graduate, and from there she went on to study at the University of Bradford in UK. I knew then I had to get in touch with DIFC as they would be the pathway to my dream university, so I contacted them online.

The best decision I made was contacting DIFC, they helped me through every stage of the process, from helping me sort a visa, to finding a suitable home-stay to getting to Ireland.

Before coming to DIFC, I had no knowledge of business or no background in it, what is economics or accounting or finance I wondered? I didn’t even know what business was about! I also had no idea how to write an assignment, how to do an enterprise analysis, etc. I had heard of many students who went abroad to study foundation courses, and it didn’t work out as they didn’t learn anything.

But DIFC was everything I was looking for in an international foundation college, after studying there for a year, I had laid a solid foundation for my future study in University. DIFC has a highly responsive attitude to every student. They have two rules which impressed me. First, attendance is of the upmost importance, which must be more than 80%. Secondly, the teacher would be ready to conduct class quizzes anytime, which played a good role in my education.

During my time in DIFC, I learned the concept of business, and from then on, I developed an interest in economics and accounting. It was very useful to learn and use all the different business models. With the efforts of this year, I applied to UCC my favorite university and got accepted.

I still remember the pleasant classroom and beautiful campus I studied at. For me, DIFC was more like a mentor in my life that guided me on the right path. DIFC means a lot to me and I will never forget all they did for me.

DIFC Ambassador: Nancy

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