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April is a key point on the academic calendar.

Before April, exams, final assessments and deadlines can seem far away. Exams belong in the Summer, in warm weather so the chill of February and March makes it easy to forget about the approaching exams. But when April arrives and the weather starts to improve, we all realise how soon it is to the end of the course.

Our International Foundation Year Intake 1 students are preparing for their final exams and delivering their presentations this week. Watching the presentations is always one of my favourite parts of the year. Our students tend to do amazing presentations – they really take ownership of them and showcase their knowledge of their subjects and their creativity. A good example is one of our former students, Brendan, who talked about his presentation here.

Our Graduate Diploma students have finished their research proposals and are now beginning on the final stage of their research – collecting data and writing their dissertation. It has been great for their Research Methods lecturers and supervisors to see their projects taking shape and the enthusiasm growing.

Our International Foundation Year Intake 2 students will be with us a bit longer than their Intake 1 counterparts but still, we are moving into the final stages of the course. The Easter exams have just finished and when I wander through the library, I see a lot of heads buried in books.

Best of luck to all our students with their studies. As someone who has had to study for a lot of exams over the years, the best piece of advice I can offer is this: when it gets a bit frustrating, stand up and go for a walk. You can wander around for 20 minutes or so and think about the reasons for all this study. You can imagine yourself starting University in September, like many other DIFC students who have gone before you. You’ll come back feeling a 100 times better.



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