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I did my Masters in Analytical chemistry at University College Cork (UCC). It was a successful experience and amazing chance, this is because UCC has a high reputation and has qualified and helpful professors and lectures.

The UCC campus is very huge and has lots of departments and schools equipped with everything that you need during your studies – for example, labs for science departments which contain modern equipment and machines; for instance, mass spectrometry and capillary electrophoresis that help to analyse and study drugs material that I used in my study. During the course I did ten experiments in the first semester. It was very interesting to write lab reports about each experiment because it helps the supervisor to evaluate the students, also the students can practice writing that helps them in their projects later. So that makes your study easier.

And the library which you can use has lots of services – for example, studying rooms and using computers & printers. It has a student union which includes canteen, shops and bank also where they organize UCC societies from different groups of students.

In addition, UCC’s International Office helps international students to apply to study at UCC and to have the necessary documents for emigration office and they help you to know the city by doing some tourist trips around the famous places. Also they can give you some information and suggestions about accommodations that would be better for the students.

Finally, I am planning to do PhD next yea,r this is because I really enjoyed studying in Ireland – especially at UCC. I liked the course system which is divided into two semesters and contains seven modules – three of them assessments and two exams at the end of each semester. Then, at the end of the course the Master project starts which takes around seven months.

As for Cork – it is a very quiet and nice city. It is characterized by its historical places and the amazing nature also its city centre contains lots of entertainments places. I met people in Cork from different nationalities, they are friendly and hospitable. I miss living in Ireland and my friends from Ireland and other nationalities.


Written by Jabrah Alkorbi

DIFC Student Ambassador

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