DIFC ambassador nguyen-huynh-ki-xuan

DIFC Student

Name: Nguyen Huynh Kim Xuan
Country: Vietnam
Course: Pre-Masters

Why did you choose to study in Ireland?

Ireland is one of the only English speaking countries in the EU, and it offers the opportunity to experience a different culture without having to grapple with a language barrier. Moreover, low tuition fees and top universities are one of reasons why I choose Ireland for my further education.


What did you love about living in Ireland?

It is undeniable that I am satisified with my choice since I love almost all of the things in Ireland. Specially, Irish people are very helpful and friendly. Besides, there are many beautiful places to visit, and it is easy to travel around the country with convenient transportation.


What did/do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I had lots of things to do in my free time in Ireland, especially in Dublin. I often visited many new places like castles and parks. Sometimes, I have drinks with my friends and listen to Irish music, which is a lively melody.


What is your favourite food?

There are many international restaurants in Ireland, so it has many choices for me. I love Irish beef stew which is a traditional Irish food.


What is your fondest memory?

Personally, I believe that I have many good memories about people in Ireland. In fact, I have many good friends who come from many different countries, and the local people are always kind.


If you had any advice for future DIFC students, what would it be?

To have good preparation for the Masters degree, DIFC is an intelligent choice for my studying. Therefore, I believe that not only having lessons in the class, but also making new friends are the important things when you are studying abroad. This is because we can study and share experiences together.


“The quality of the education system in Ireland is the main reason why I chose this country in terms of studying abroad. There are many reputable universities located in Ireland. There is always an opportunity to meet new people who come from many different countries all over the world.”


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