DIFC student ebiojo-tracey-baba

DIFC Student

Name: Ebiojo Tracey Baba
Country: Nigeria
Course: Medicine

Why did you choose to study in Ireland?

The foundation programme offered a good pathway to the medical universities, and the country itself is very beautiful.


What did you love about living in Ireland?

The people! The people in Ireland are so nice and friendly. You can have fun conversations with random people!


What did/do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

My friends and I love to go shopping, and to go to different restaurants because we love food!


What is your favourite food?

Honestly, I eat everything so it’s not easy for me to choose just one.


What is your fondest memory?

I got to go to a Kendrick Lamar concert with my friend in my second month here, it was my first major concert and it was so exhilarating.


If you had any advice for future DIFC students, what would it be?

Make the best of your time here, because time flies by really fast and before you know it you’ve completed your program.


“The foundation course offered me a good pathway to the medical universities. You get to meet new people and learn new cultures, the people in Ireland are so friendly and you get to have fun conversations with random people”.

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