DIFC student chengcong-gu-oliver

DIFC Student

Name: Chengcong Gu
Country: China
Course: Pre-Masters

Why did you choose to study in Ireland?

        Because it is a beautiful and lovely country. It is the only English-speaking country in the EU. Moreover, the education fee is much cheaper than UK.


What did you love about living in Ireland?

The people here are so friendly, and Ireland has a huge number of beautiful places to visit and travel.


What did/do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Having drinks with my friend and traveling around Ireland with my friends as well.


What is your favourite food?

I think fish & chips by Beshoff Bros is awesome.


What is your fondest memory?

Traveling with my friends in Cork and I think I have visited every part of Dublin.


If you had any advice for future DIFC students, what would it be?

 Focus on your lectures and your assignments.

Keep the pace with teachers and never be lazy.

Use your free time to travel and acknowledge Irish culture. It is a beautiful country.

Don’t waste your time in nightclubs or bars. They are important but don’t waste too much time.


“Ireland is a beautiful country and has a huge number of places to visit and travel. I think I have visited every part of Dublin. There is a reason why they call it the Emerald Isle. I really recommend coming to Ireland.”

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