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Pictured with the College President Diarmuid Moroney, is Athena Osborne who won the “Highest Results in Health Science Foundation Programme” award. Athena is now studying Medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland.

2015 Winners

Here at DIFC, we like to celebrate our students and their achievements. Obviously, the main reward for our students is a place in University but it is also nice to show appreciation for hard work and excellent results in other ways. That is why we have a Student Awards Ceremony every year to celebrate those students who did particularly well on the course. These student awards reflect the hard work of our students and our pride in their success.

This year, we celebrated the following students for their hard work and success:

Athena Osborne won the award for Best Results in IFY Science.

Pamela Machado won for Best Results in IFY Business.

Munirah Alhamed got the Best Results in the Graduate Diploma course.

Chang Yen Zhi (Luke) won the award for Outstanding Achievement in EAP (IFY).

Chin Tung Lau (Louise) won for Outstanding Achievement in PFE (leading to IFY Engineering).

Amal Alshahrani was awarded for Outstanding Achievement in EAP (Grad Dip).


Pictured with Diarmuid Moroney (DIFC President) is Sameerah Almalki who won the “Outstanding Achievement in Research Methods”. She is now studying her MSc in Environmental Analytical Chemistry at University College Cork.

Sameerah Almalki won the prize for Outstanding Achievement in Research Methods.

Soon Rue Chien got the Award for Best Results in IFY Engineering.

These students are now studying at excellent universities. For example, Athena won a place at RCSI; Munirah and Sameerah are both in Ireland at Maynooth and UCC respectively; Luke is studying medicine over at UCLAN and Soon is in Belfast at Queens.

There is another reason why we, the teachers, really enjoy the Student Awards Ceremony. Throughout the academic year, we go on this journey with the students. Just like the students, we worry, we stress, we lose sleep. And then the summer comes, our students leave to go to university and we prepare for the next group of students. So for us, it is a real joy to see the students again, to see them arrive at the destination that we worked with them to reach. It reminds us that hard work pays off. The small number of students who won awards remind us of the much larger DIFC community of past students who also worked hard and reached their goal of a place at University. By celebrating these 8 wonderful students, we are celebrating all of our wonderful students.

Congratulations to the Class of 2015 and we wish you all the success in the world.

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