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For many years now, we have helped students from Saudi Arabia achieve their dream of studying an undergraduate or Masters degree at top Irish universities.

Through studying with DIFC, students have developed the necessary English and Academic skills needed to be successful in their University studies.

We are delighted to welcome four of our former Saudi international students as DIFC Student Ambassadors. As ambassadors, they will be blogging about their experiences studying in Ireland and providing advice and tips for students thinking about coming to study in Ireland. In addition, our ambassadors are available to contact to talk about the programme – once you have made initial contact with DIFC, we can put you in touch with one of our Ambassadors.

So, we introduce you to Jabrah Alkorbi, Sameerah Almalki, Abdullah Alwadai and Mona Almahri – we hope you enjoy hearing about their study and Irish experiences over the coming months.


Jabrah Alkorbi

I am Jabrah Alkorbi, a Saudi Student. I had Scholarship to study abroad. I chose Ireland because it is amazing country and Irish people are very friendly and respectful.  I studied English language in different strong schools in Dublin, but I couldn’t get the required IELTS score that I needed to enrol in University.

Fortunately, I heard about the DIFC Graduate Diploma course and I started studying with them from September until July.  I got the skills of English and research method to be able to write academic thesis that’s making studying a Masters degree more easy, which  means it was a successful  course. Also at the end of the course I did the final exam and I passed it. So I enrolled in UCC to study Analytical Chemistry in 2014. Now I am graduated student.

I hope to complete PhD degree in Ireland. From my experience, I recommend any student wants to overcome academic difficulties, to study at DIFC to get the important skills of English language.


Sameerah Almalki

I am Sameerah Almalki, a former DIFC student from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. At the moment, I am doing a Masters degree (MSc Environmental Analytical Chemistry) at University College Cork.

In 2013, I got offered the opportunity to study a master degree abroad in an English speaking country. Once I was offered, it seemed so challenging, especially when your English is not strong enough but ultimately it opened many doors of golden opportunities. After doing some general English and IELTS courses, I was recommended by a friend, who happens to be former DIFC student, to do the Graduate Diploma course as it offers quality education of academic English besides promising a placement in about five important universities in Ireland and one in UK. Through that course I got the placement in the course I am doing now.


Abdullah Alwadai

I’m Abdullah Alwadai, from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Following completion of my degree in Computer Engineering (which included a 3 years in The Diploma Degree in Computer Technology, Technical Support) I started my career in IT for a couple months.

Then I decided to travel to Ireland to study English and study master, after while I have got 5 in IELTS, I met some Saudi Arabian students who had had studied at DIFC and recommended DIFC to me as one of the best institutions in Ireland where you can improve your skills, which incorporate Research Methods and academic skills (especially writing; reports; assignments).

In 2014/2015, I have studied my Pre-Masters course at DIFC and it afforded me the opportunity to pursue studying a Masters degree (Enterprise Systems) in one of the best Irish universities – National University of Ireland in Galway (NUIG).


Mona Almahri

My name is Mona Almahri. I grew up in Al-madinah and I wish to live the rest of my life there. I am presently studying MSc Food Microbiology in University College Cork.

English was the main barrier for me. I did not get a good IELTS score, however, after I  studied  in DIFC, I got a B, which qualified me to meet the conditional requirement for UCC. Now, I am doing my project in UCC and I would like to be a lecturer in the future.


Please note, sponsored students from Saudi Arabia are now required to undertake our IELTS with Academic Skills programme, instead of the Graduate Diploma.

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