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Last classes took place today before final exams next week.

Congratulations to all of our students for making it this far.

Those of you on the IFY stream have clocked up some impressive numbers:

  • 100+ hours in Maths class hammering away at calculators and getting to grips with Quadratics, Vectors, Trigonometry, Matrices, Statistics.
  • 100+ hours listening intently to Mr Colm as he takes you through mutation, macromolecules, meiosis and mitosis (and that’s only the Ms!).
  • 100+ hours with Dr Lorraine, filling your heads full of stereochemistry, polymerisation, transition metals and organic chemistry.
  • 200+ hours with Mark and Donal getting to grips with leadership, finance, law, marketing, economics.
  • 100+ hours with Stephen, Conall and Michelle talking about plagiarism, vocabulary, summaries and bibliographies.
  • 300+ pages of notes.
  • 6,000+ words of essays.
  • 2,000+ words of lab reports.
  • 10+ hours in a lab coat.
  • 50+ hours of practice exams and quizzes.
  • 1+ hours giving presentations.

Those of you on the Grad Dip stream have been working hard as well…

  • writing dozens of essays
  • reading hundreds of articles
  • listening to 200+ hours of classes and lectures
  • trawling through libraries for your Literature Reviews
  • preparing, practising and delivering your presentations
  • surveying, interviewing and questioning your research participants
  • making up tables, bar charts and pie charts
  • writing, checking and rechecking the 5,000+ words of dissertations

It’s been a long journey and we’ve been delighted to share it with you. Congratulations on getting this far and all of your hard work. Best of luck with the exams next week and hope you enjoy a well earned rest afterwards. We teachers will be staying here in Dublin so please feel free to cheer us up by sharing some nice photos of your holidays on Twitter (@difcireland), Instagram (@difcireland) or Facebook. Just use the hashtag #difcireland.

All the best.

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