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From NIGERIA to DIFC to The Royal College of Surgeons Ireland.

During High School the most mind-boggling question was not just what do I want to study? but also where do I want to study and how will I get there?

As if figuring out your career path wasn’t enough pressure. It can be very overwhelming trying to figure all these things out whilst preparing for your final exams! It may even feel like there isn’t enough time to decide your career path and still get into a college or university but that is not true.

I already had an idea that Science, particularly Health Sciences was the path for me, but I did not know specifically what I wanted to study and that meant I did not have a college in mind yet. Although, I was sure I wanted to study abroad, I just could not decide where exactly in Europe I wanted it to be. Fortunately, my parents were very supportive, and they started to look for a way to provide me with more time to make a decision.

This is where DIFC came into the picture, my dad found out about this pathway from the DIFC Marketing Director who visited my school at the time. People do not tend to anticipate the challenges in transitioning from high school to a college abroad. DIFC offered me a foundation programme in Health Sciences geared specifically to international students. The course runs over 9 months, with the option of numerous partner universities in Europe upon successful completion of the programme, which was the perfect length of time to make the right decision. One of the partner universities, University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), was a university my dad had in mind for me, so this made the choice to go to DIFC even easier.

I joined DIFC with the intention of spending the 9 months grasping an idea of what awaited me in the future at college and what exactly I wanted to study. Although I got all those things from DIFC it was in reality only half of what I gained from the programme. I could only fully appreciate what DIFC offered me both academically and socially when I started in my first year of college. My time at DIFC helped me to set a goal of studying medicine at the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI). I am currently a 3rd Year Medical student at RCSI in 2018.

RCSI is a Health Science college that offers Medicine, Physiotherapy and Pharmacy programmes for students as well as various health related post-graduate programmes. The programme runs in two ways: spending six years in RCSI, Dublin (with an opportunity to be an exchange student to the Bahrain campus) or spending two and a half years in Dublin and two and a half years at the Malaysia campus. RCSI is a world-renowned medical college with a culturally diverse population of students that help you to appreciate the ever-growing diversity in the world. Since, the college is solely health science related, one may think of it as limited, but I can assure you this is not the case. RCSI still offers the full college experience while ensuring each student gets the assistance required in gaining world class medical training.

Kehinde Babatunde DIFC Ambassador

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