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As the largest foundation college in Ireland, DIFC has a very good reputation.

It’s not only a great chance for you to learn the Irish culture but also a smart way to get used to learning things from an English speaking perspective.

There are two semesters during your course at DIFC. First semester is more about getting used to understanding what the tutor is teaching during an English class. Second semester focuses on higher level knowledge of Economics, Business, English academic program and Maths. In class exams are worth 60% of your final score. There is a final examination normally in May or June which are worth the final 40% of your final score.

I can guarantee that everyone can get a good final result by doing the following:

Guarantee sign in greenDo your homework. After completion of each topic, you will have an assignment to complete to have a deeper understanding of the concept of each topic. Each topic may be in the exam paper, so you have to do the homework seriously.

Always keep thinking: I always brought in knowledge from real life situations, for example, reading newspapers and bringing the business news in as a study case.

Be good at summarizing. You should be prepared before class and summarize everything you learned that day and review it, this will enable you to acquire knowledge each day.

Last but not least, always communicate with your teachers. Small-class teaching in DIFC is very valuable. The teacher will make study plans suitable to your needs.

What is DIFC like outside of the classroom?

I lived in a twin room as a home stay student in Dublin 4. Mary (my landlord) was a very nice lady. I was like a baby being taken care of by her for the whole year. I’m looking forward to getting a chance to meet her again, it will be a very memorable moment in my life. I still miss the breakfasts prepared by Mary. My roommate was a beautiful Korean girl who studied in DIFC as well. We spent lots of good times together. We used to have lunch in Griffith College restaurant together. A lunch meal is normally €5 on average.

Inside of a restaurantI would like to say I felt so lucky and I am so grateful of those experiences in DIFC, both in the study aspect and the life experiences. I would suggest to everyone in my country who wants to come to Ireland to choose DIFC, because it is worth your time and money.

Finally, if I had to pick some words to describe my experience and what I learnt at DIFC they would be:

  • Education
  • Growth
  • Learning
  • Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Competence in my English ability
  • Friends for life
  • My best decision

 Xiaonan Fang (DIFC Ambassador)

Make Your Own Pathway to Your Dream Career at DIFC.

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