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For new International Foundation Year students, next week (September, 14th) will be the start of your time in DIFC. For Graduate Diploma students it will be the following week (September, 21st).

View from the Library

We are all really looking forward to meeting you and welcoming you to our college. Your first week will be an induction week so we thought it would be a good idea to give you some ideas about what to expect.


There is a lot of information that we will need to give you – info about the course, the college, the facilities. That means different members of staff will give short talks about their areas of expertise. This is your chance to sit back and get a good look at your new teachers. It will also be a good opportunity to see your fellow classmates. This can be a bit scary at first but don’t worry – everyone is nervous at first, so sit beside a stranger, say hello and ask them what they’re hoping to study.


Our campus can be a little confusing at first so during the induction week we’ll give you a tour of all the key places: classrooms, lecture halls, offices, library. You’ll be in small groups, led by a teacher, so this will be a good chance to say hi to your teachers, ask them questions and show off your enthusiasm!

Course Leaders

Each course (Health, Business, Engineering, Graduate Diploma) has a course leader. In addition to teaching on the course, the Course Leader looks after the running of their course. They are there to help you throughout the course and make sure everyone gets the support that they need. During Induction Week, you will get a chance to meet your course leader. Perhaps a good time to talk to them about your plans and hopes (maybe even worries) for your studies.


You will have a lot of classes (naturally!) in different parts of the campus and at different times during the day. Timetables in university are always a mystery to students. Some days will seem packed with classes while others will feel less busy. You will quickly learn where, and when, everything is and which are going to be your favourite days and which will be your busy days. The timetable will give you all this information.


Third level study is a social activity as well as an academic one. To help you settle in and feel a bit more comfortable, we will have a mixer with cake, snacks and refreshments. This is a chance to chat to your teachers, the admin staff and your classmates. We are (I believe) quite a friendly group so this will be a good chance for us all to get to know each other a little bit better. Why not check our staff profiles now so you can recognise a few faces when you start.

Very little study

As this is induction week, we will talk a lot about future study but you won’t actually have to do very much. Your job is to learn where everything is, who everyone is and settle in. We know that this is a very big step for you, that it might be a new and very different experience for you. So we want you to feel as comfortable as possible in your first week at DIFC. The hard work starts the following week.

You might also want to take this opportunity to get in touch with us via social media. Click these links for our facebook, twitter, youtube and instagram accounts. Best of luck class of 2015/2016 and welcome to DIFC.

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