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4 reasons why gaining International work experience through Ireland’s Graduate Visa Scheme is an integral part of your Master’s studies.

Last week, the Irish Government announced an extension to the Graduate Visa Scheme for International students who complete their Master’s degree in Ireland. The ‘stay back option’ for Masters and PhD students has been increased from 12 months to 24 months to allow students a longer period to seek employment before returning home.

This is fantastic news for International students looking to study their Master’s abroad, as Ireland provides a wealth of opportunity for you to gain vital International work experience before you progress your career in your home country.

Many students opt to return straight home after completing their Master’s degree abroad – and whilst the recognition of your International qualification will be viewed favourably, there are a number of reasons why you should consider adding some International work experience through the Graduate Visa Scheme to your CV while you are in Ireland.

1. Stand out from the pack

Nothing makes you stand out from the pack when applying for managerial roles back home than International work experience. Yes, an International qualification will help, but also being able to demonstrate that you have applied those skills and knowledge in a global context abroad will truly prove your worth to a prospective employer and help you stand out from the pack of other potential candidates.

In an interview with the Financial Times in 2013, Peter Lacy, managing director of strategy for the Asia-Pacific region at Accenture, the management consultancy, says it is a crucial differentiator for current and future leaders. “Our clients increasingly operate seamlessly across borders. Our people need to be able to do the same,” he says. “That mindset comes from being exposed to new business cultures and experiences that come with international [work] placements.”

2. Demonstrate critical skills in global setting

Through your International work experience after your Master’s, you will likely work on (and perhaps lead) a variety of global projects. This will demonstrate to future employer’s your ability to bridge cultural differences to deliver desired results. You’ll also be able to demonstrate your ability to adapt to cultural norms and applying key skills such as critical thinking, problem solving and teamwork in a global context.

3. Get a Global Perspective

By having work experience in a different country, you are demonstrating your ability to have a n open-mind and a broader perspective on things. Whether you are working in Healthcare, Technology, Engineering or Business, the projects, issues and problems you will work on as part of your work experience abroad, will be different to those that you would work on in your home country. This will help you to broaden your perspective on things and will be a valuable asset to an employer in your home country.

4. Access to global companies

Ireland is home to the European HQ of many of the top global Financial, Tech, Pharmaceutical and Consultancy firms. So whether you are studying an Management, Business or Science-related Master’s degree, you can extensive work experience with some of the most recognised brand names in the world.

Just think how it would look to have work experience with the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Pfizer, Deloitte, Intel, Microsoft or Apple. These companies provide a great opportunity for you to gain work experience and even transfer to another office in your home region.

With the Graduate Visa Scheme increasing from 12 months to 24 months, this provides an amazing opportunity for International students to boost the advantage that an International Master’s qualification offers. DIFC’s Pre-Masters programme is the best way to prepare for an International Master’s degree and will help you develop vital skills needed to succeed in your postgraduate studies in Ireland.

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