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The Graduate Diploma results will be released this week – which can be a very exciting and stressful time!

So, we asked one of our Student Ambassadors, Sameerah Alkmalki about her advice for students receiving their results this week.

Waiting for your course result can be stressful. Anxiety, doubt and fear about the future…these are just some of the many feelings you may have experienced. There is nothing wrong with any of that – thousands of other young people experience the same emotions at such times.

Last year in August 2015 when I was waiting for my Graduate Diploma results, me and some classmates were expressing our feelings and concerns regarding the upcoming result – most of reasons behind our concern for the results were: the pressure to get good results for the Masters course we planned for, pressure from parents and family who expect us to get good results, worries about the future and whether we will make the right choices for the year ahead.

I was a little confident that I will get the grade needed for the course I had planned for but was curious about which level of B I was at by that time. Also, I was concerned about if I was heading for the right course, as we who have a chemistry background have very limited choices for Master courses in Ireland. Fortunately, most of us got the result that we needed.

This year 2016, the exam results have been released in good time, as there will be more than four weeks before September so students who are going to study outside of Dublin have quite enough time to get settled in a new city (accommodation, children in school etc.). Last year, the result released in August, if I am not mistaken. However, the best thing is that we (the students) did not have to do anything regarding our university placement as DIFC took the responsibility for this matter so all that we needed to do after receiving the result was just wait for the unconditional offer letter from DIFC while enjoying the rest of our holidays and finding out when the registration date for our course will be so that we could be there in time.

For the students who did not get the grade they hoped for, I think it would not be an issue as they will get their second course choice with the grade they get. If not, there are always choices in life and maybe trying to work again for IELTS to meet the course’s desired requirements and start with it next September 2017.

Best wishes for you all!

Written by Sameerah Almalki

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