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The burning question for every international student considering a career in medicine is, what is the fastest route to realising your dream career as a medical professional?

The journey to earning your medical stripes can be a long one. In this blog we will show you the fastest pathway to studying medicine.

Step 1:

Picking the right subjects: The journey starts at high school by picking the right subjects to study. In the long run, this will make the journey a lot easier for you. Putting thought into it in high school means you can be more prepared, putting you at an advantage from the very start.
Biology is the obvious subject that comes to mind as medicine is the application of many of these principles in the human patient. It will allow you to become more familiar with the terminology, which in turn will help you feel more comfortable with anatomy, physiology, pathology and pharmacology to name but a few.

Step 2:

Work experience: We know this isn’t compulsory, but it will improve your chances and give you a distinct advantage when preparing your university application form.
Volunteering is always a good option also. This will give you an opportunity to work alongside staff doing worthwhile tasks. It doesn’t have to be full time, it could be a one-off project or a weekly commitment around your studies. Research all of your preferred choices of hospitals and see where you can gain the best experience for your future path in medicine.
Another way of gaining experience is caring for a friend or relative who is sick or disabled.

Step 3:

Complete your foundation year: This is the best route for international students to study medicine. At DIFC we offer the IFY Health Science Programme which is a specialised university foundation course designed to support international students to progress to study medicine.

Step 4:

Choose your dream university: You have completed your foundation year and all your hard work has paid off, it’s now time to choose your dream university. The DIFC pathway is approved by the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) for entry to its Medical Degree programme (6-year course). There are also progression opportunities to:

• St George’s University London (SGUL)
• The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)
• Debrecen University in Hungary
• Charles University in the Czech Republic
• Lithuanian University of Health Sciences
• European University Cyprus
• Royal College of Surgeons, Penang

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Are you ready to start your pathway? Apply to DIFC today.

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