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As a student, settling into a new country and environment can be challenging. From adapting to the weather to understanding the culture and so on. However, there are certain ‘must have’ mobile apps that will make it easier to get accustomed to Dublin. The list of Dublin Apps that I have made is a personal preference, therefore,  it is only a guide to help you in finding more apps that can help you get started with your new life in Ireland.

The Essentials

Google Maps

This app is majorly used for navigating around almost anywhere in the world (in this case Dublin). It is easy to use and it is a great way to find your way provided you get lost. The extent of its usefulness doesn’t just stop at navigating, it’s also good at estimating time of arrival and the time it would take to complete a journey. It is even able to predict bus times.



Weather App

Although Dublin is known for its unpredictable and unusual weather pattern, it is handy to have this app because it gives an estimate of the temperature and extremity of climates such as rain and heatwaves. It is also essential in planning for certain outdoor events.



Dublin Bus

This is one of the most important travel app to have because it is made exclusively for the most common form of transport in Dublin. The app allows one to view real-time information of any bus on any bus route in Dublin i.e. accurate ETA, travel fare calculator and route planner. The only challenge with the app occurs during special days (like some holidays, St. Patrick’s Day, protests and so on) where buses cannot use their normal route, the app may not function properly but not to worry where Dublin bus may fail, google maps won’t.



There are other taxi apps that one can use in Dublin (a few are included in the snapshots to the left) but the reason why I have put MyTaxi here is due to my personal experience with this app. The drivers are usually friendly and on-time, one will usually get the type of taxi they order and their promotional offers are the best. Other apps like Lynk Taxis, Express Taxis and Uber may be useful but I would recommend MyTaxi.




This is just a simple app that’s very handy for putting down quick thoughts or information that may be required later, it is also very good for making lists and for making scribbles.




This app as the name implies reminds you of activities you want to do at the time, date and even location the activities are to be carried out. It is important for reminding students about deadlines, events and co-curricular activities or even meetings.



As for those who love online shopping, a few apps that may be useful have been listed below in a snapshot


  • Zara: This is a very popular shopping platform in Dublin for clothing and fashion, although there are several stores spread across Dublin. This app appeals to those who like to ‘work from home’ or rather shop from home.
  • Asos: This is an online-only shopping platform with a range of clothing lines and accessories. It is great place to shop for birthday gifts, cards and so on. This is the most recommended online shopping app.
  • JD Sports: Like Zara there are several shops spread across Dublin and its really easy to find. As the name implies, this store is sports oriented and sell a range of sport-related merchandise. However, they sell a lot of Nike, Adidas, Puma and the likes, so they also sell very fashionable merchandise.
  • Forever 21: This is an important app to have as the stores are not very common around Dublin so it makes it easy to shop and get it delivered to wherever you are. This app is pretty much like Zara, however, the styles are more American oriented.
  • Topshop: This is another shopping platform well spread across Dublin, it is very useful because one is allowed to reserve items and this is very essential to people with busy schedules.


Written by Babatunde Kehinde

Completed International Foundation Year – Health & Science with DIFC in 2016

Now studying Medicine at Royal College of Surgeons Ireland, Dublin (RCSI Dublin)

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