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Today is July 1st. For our students on the Graduate Diploma, July 1st is the day they submit their final dissertation, the last step in the course.

It has been a long road, a lot of hard work and now, the summer can begin. For our students in IFY intake 1, their summer began a few weeks ago when they finished their final exams. IFY intake 2 and PFE still have a few weeks to go but I am sure already, thoughts are turning to summer in Ireland or holidays back home.

As I say goosummer in Ireland or at homedbye to students today, the thing I find myself repeating the most is: “Enjoy your summer”. Some people are going home to their countries, some people are taking a holiday, and some people are staying in Ireland. Wherever our students go, I think it is so important to get rest, to recharge the batteries, to stay away from libraries, laptops and lectures. Next year, in university, will be an exciting time but will require energy. A week or so on a beach, on a sofa or on a tour bus helps the mind recover from all the stress of study and prepare for the next year.

DIFC teachers don’t quite start their holidays for a while yet. But as with the students, there’ll be a week or two of rest. S. usually likes to visit different European cities and keep a diary. L. enjoys putting her feet up and watching the movies she never has time to watch the rest of the year. D. is a big fan of travelling to destinations off the beaten track. And C. is a museum visitor and coffee drinker.

Whatever way you decide to spend your summer, be sure to do something that gives your brain a bit of a rest (or at least uses it in a different way to the way you use it in college). This should put you in good shape for the next part of your journey.

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