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 One of the highlights of Ray’s recent trip to China.

2018年9月19日爱尔兰都柏林国际学院(DIFC)Mr. Halpin应邀到访高等教育出版社广东教学服务中心,并与张主任就广东省高中生和中职学生,高职学生,就升读本科的发展方向进行研讨,对中国学生到国外接受高等教育,双方交换了意见,并取得初步的合作方向。感谢张主任的熱情接待和丰盛午餐。


Mr. Halpin, Dublin International College (DIFC), Ireland, was invited to visit the Guangdong Higher Education Press (HEP) on September 19, 2018. Ray and Director of HEP exchanged views on the direction of undergraduate education for senior high school students and secondary vocational students in Guangdong Province.


Thank you, Director Zhang, for your warm reception and your wonderful lunch.

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