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DIFC is delighted to announce the launch of its new Irish Learning Centre in Beijing, China to support an international pathway for Chinese students to prepare for their undergraduate and postgraduate studies at Irish universities.

On May 20, 2021, with the warm speech of Ms. Ann Derwin, Ireland’s Ambassador to China, the first Irish Learning Centre (ILC) was officially established. The centre, located in the newly established Xi Cheng Building of University of Science and Technology, Beijing, will be officially opened in September this year.

President of the university, Zhou Mengkui welcomed the ambassador and introduced the background and preparation of the Irish Learning Centre, which won the appreciation of Ambassador Ann Derwin.

According to the introduction, China and Ireland have maintained good cooperation in the field of education. Ireland, as the only English speaking country in the EU, has always enjoyed a good reputation for its high-quality education; The graduation rate and employment rate of students are kept at a high level. In recent years, more and more Chinese students have chosen to go to Ireland for further study, with an annual growth of nearly 30%.

The ILC was set up in Beijing with the initial aim of helping students who are unable to go abroad and are taking online classes at home due to Covid-19 to solve practical problems: such as improving the efficiency of online classes, offering face-to-face discussion and communication opportunities among students, promoting friendship building and alumni network. Meanwhile, the ILC fully embodies the Irish characteristics to provide the students with language and study preparation for studying abroad in future and also provide the students with the overall solution related to language, learning, acculturation, and employment assistance.

The ILC will offer the Foundation courses of DIFC Ireland. With the completion of foundation course, students can directly progress to many universities and colleges in Ireland. For the first year, courses offered include the International Foundation Year – Business and Engineering & Technology stream. DIFC will provide experienced teachers to ensure that students enjoy the same high-standard learning experience as Ireland without going abroad.

Mr. Diarmuid Moroney, President of DIFC, has high expectations for the project. He congratulates the establishment of the center:

“I would like to welcome the opening of the new ILC in Beijing, China. DIFC Ireland has over 20 years experience in providing pathway courses in Ireland for Chinese students, assisting hundreds Chinese students to progress to our partner Irish Higher Education Institutions for a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The ILC in Beijing will now be able to offer students in China the same high quality programmes we have been running for the past 20 years in Ireland. We look forward to working closely with our Chinese partners – EBI and universities – and our Irish partner HEIs to make this a great success.”

The opening ceremony was attended by Mr. Yang Jie, Education Commissioner of Education Ireland, and representatives of Irish universities. This special day has witnessed the new development of educational exchanges and cooperation between China and Ireland, laying a solid foundation for further expanding cooperation in all aspects in the future.

The enrollment of the ILC will be formally launched soon.

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