We may not be the size of a country just yet, but we have our own Student Ambassadors!

A DIFC Ambassador is someone that you can talk to, who will share their experience of DIFC and Ireland. They can tell you what to expect, the things that were just as they anticipated
– and the things that took them by surprise!

Whether it’s the standard of teaching, the quality of the accommodation, the social life in Dublin or Cork … these guys have been there and done it. So, you can learn first-hand off them
– and not just take our word for it!

Read about each of our Ambassadors here and, if you would like to be put in contact with any of them, complete the form available on the button below.

Meet your DIFC Ambassadors

Babatunde Kehinde

International Foundation Year – Health & Science in 2016
Now studying Medicine at Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Why did you choose to study in Ireland?

Apart from the obvious benefit of Ireland being a very friendly and safe place, I chose Ireland because it is one of the few countries that offer a one year work experience after medical school. Also, it is not a very big country and that makes it easier to become familiar with it.

What has been your favourite part about studying abroad?

The education system, I believe, is the best part because the quality of education is very high and convenient. The process of learning makes it easy for one to settle in.

What did you love about living in Ireland?

It was easy for me to explore it because of its size and the cultural diversity in Ireland makes one feel welcomed.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy going to the cabbage patch (the cage), where I play soccer with a large group of friends. Occasionally, I go to the cinema to watch movies with my friends.

What is your favourite food?

Duck Chinese style fried rice with a glass of orange juice.

What is your fondest memory of DIFC?

Visiting Cork with my classmates, the bus ride to Cork was the highlight of the trip because of the enthusiasm everyone expressed.

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