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Coming to Ireland and going to DIFC was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life.

Why? Because I’m doing something that I really like, it’s what I want to be doing and I’m really enjoying it. I figured all this out while I was studying in DIFC!

I believe everyone has their own motive. My motive was that I’m from a small place and I wanted to get out of my hometown, so I came to Ireland after I had finished high school and planned to study English for 4 months and then go to the US the following year. However, I had such a great time in Ireland while I was taking the English classes  and from making friends by speaking English that I decided to stay studying in Ireland. I even pretended that I wasn’t Korean so Korean students wouldn’t talk to me and I could make new friends, I wouldn’t advise to do that, but I wanted to do it properly if I was going to study abroad and wanted to make the most of my time.

Initially I always wanted to do hotel management but then I got thinking, why only hotel management, why not management in general? Also, I didn’t want a front-line role. So, I researched business courses and I found a course in DIFC, a course that would really bridge the gap of being a Korean student studying abroad.

When I was growing up I knew I was good at maths, but I never liked to study so I was avoiding what I was good at. While studying in DIFC, I couldn’t get away from the fact that business was just not for me and that I was really good at maths/economics. My maths teacher suggested that I should look at doing actuary. That was the life changer! Honestly if I hadn’t gone to study in DIFC, I wouldn’t have met Stephen my maths teacher and I would have never even known what actuary was.

If you decide to come to DIFC, I would advise you to go to college in Ireland or the UK after. When it comes to the cost of studying abroad, you need to understand that you are investing in yourself. When you start at DIFC work hard, but please enjoy the time. Studying is an important tool to get you what you want, it helps you go a step closer towards your dream. I studied hard while I was in DIFC “No pain, No gains!!

While I was studying in DIFC, I didn’t feel any different being a Korean student in Ireland at all, because everyone there is in the same boat. But when you go to college, they will treat you the same as an Irish student, so you need to work even harder to get good points to go to college.

When I finished my programme with DIFC, I got good grades and accepted the college course that I applied for, so now I’m working in a big firm for the last 5 years. And I’m also preparing a further career as I speak. All of this wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t go to DIFC, I wouldn’t be in the position I am now if I didn’t. I hope DIFC will help you in some way to get what you want! Just work hard and enjoy your time!

 Sunyeong Jeong (DIFC Ambassador)

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