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DIFC has been closely monitoring the emerging situation with COVID-19 in recent weeks. First and foremost, our priority has always been that of the safety and welfare of our students and staff.  We have been acting on the advice received from the Irish Health Authorities ( and have always promised students that we would act immediately on any new advice issued by the Irish Government. The Irish Government has issued a changed response to the Coronavirus situation in Ireland and we are immediately acting on this changed advice.

In the light of the Taoiseach’s address today at 11:30 am the following applies.

  • In-class teaching for DIFC students is suspended for at least 2 weeks from 6 pm this evening.
  • Online classes will start from Monday, 16th March and will continue until 29th March 2020 if not longer.
  • Students are expected to attend online classes, attendance will be recorded as usual and normal attendance policies will apply.
  • The Griffith College campuses in Cork and Dublin will continue to operate as a place of employment allowing DIFC staff to continue to come to the colleges in the normal way should they wish to do so. Staff will be accommodated to work from home where necessary.

It is understandable that some students and their parents are anxious about the spread of COVID-19 and the potential impact this disruption may have on their welfare and their studies.  DIFC will continue to work with students and their families to provide the best care that we can to them.  In relation to continuation of studies, DIFC would like to assure you that we have the full support of NCUK to ensure that all students can complete their studies and progress to university as planned.  DIFC will work with NCUK to adjust and adapt our programmes and timetables as necessary to ensure students’ academic progress will not be disadvantaged by the necessity for online learning or from any coronavirus-related disruption.

As you can appreciate, these are extraordinary times. This is a new situation for everyone. Our hope is to continue things as best we can and to provide as much normality and structure in the weeks ahead. We ask that you remain patient and flexible as we transition to online learning during this period.

The COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving situation with changes occurring daily and at times hourly. We’ll do our best to respond to queries and developments as they arise and will notify you of any major changes directly by email.

For the most up-to-date information in Ireland, please click on:

As always, our primary concern is your health and safety and that of staff and everyone around us.

So please keep well and take care.

We will continue to work together until this crisis is behind us.


Brian McDonald

CEO and Academic Operations Director

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