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Celebrating the Final Day of Classes

Well done to our January 2022 students who have completed their final examinations at DIFC. To celebrate the end of a productive academic year, we had a little end of year celebration on the last day of class involving everybody’s favourite…delicious, creamy ice-cream!!

Did you know that we have 2 student intakes each year in DIFC?

A September intake that is 9 months in duration and a January intake that is 7 months in duration. The January intake is a more intensive course to compensate for the shorter timeframe over which the course is delivered. Both cohorts of our students from this year will commence their studies at University in September 2022.

Well done to this year’s students!! In the coming months we will look forward to hearing all about your progression to study the course of your dreams at top Universities throughout Ireland, the UK and worldwide.

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