Students can choose to stay in Student Accommodation or a Homestay

Finding suitable student accommodation can be difficult and there are a range of options available from on-campus, student accommodation apartments and homestay.

To make sure you get the accommodation you prefer, the best option is to book as early as possible – as student accommodation is in high demand in Ireland.

Homestay Accommodation

Homestay accommodation is when a student is placed with a family for the first 4 weeks on arrival in Ireland.

This is a good opportunity to improve English speaking skills and get to know Dublin with a bit of help and support.

All of our homestay accommodations are on a good transport route to DIFC. The host provides breakfast and an evening meal during the week and lunch is included at weekends.

Students have their own bedroom. There will be a desk for study. Some homes have a private bathroom for students and in some the student shares with the family.

After homestay, the other option is private rented accommodation – the Accommodation Officer will help with this. If students are happy to stay in a homestay an agreement can sometimes be made with the host to remain with them for longer.

The rate for Homestay accommodation is €700 per 4 weeks + booking fee of €50. Breakfast and dinner are included in this rate.

Please note, the homestay rate for minor students (under 18 years) is €800 + booking fee of €50.

It is important to note that students with homestay accommodation should book their travel to arrive in Ireland a maximum of 2 days before your course start date.

We can also arrange airport transfer to the homestay accommodation and pickup again the following day from homestay to the campus at a cost of €100

Home stay

Accommodation for Minor Students

Students aged 17 years old must arrange Homestay accommodation with DIFC. All Homestay Hosts for minor students are fully police checked and comply with guardianship arrangements in Ireland.

Please speak to your DIFC representative about guardianship arrangements for students aged 17 years old.

Student Accommodation

There are a number of self-catering student accommodation apartment blocks within walking distance or a short bus ride from DIFC in Dublin.

We recommend the following:

uninestUninest Student Residence

New Mill Street, Dublin 8


Price: €249-€299 per week , depending on room

Facilities: single bedroom, private bathroom



Dorset Point, Dublin 1


Price: €230 per week

Facilities: single room, private bathroom, on-site gym, on-site social programme, laundry facilities, 24-hour reception.

Other student accommodation options:

Herberton Apartments

Ziggurat Accommodation

International Student Accommodation

College Cribs


Please note: students must be 18 years old to stay in Student Accommodation apartments

On-campus Accommodation

On-campus accommodation is available with Griffith Halls of Residence. This must be booked directly with GHR via their website.

Places fill quickly, so you are recommended to book as early as possible.

Price per academic year:

Shared room               €6000

Single room                €11,000

Single ensuite room    €11,800

Twin as single room   €12,000

Please note: students must be 18 years old to stay in Griffith Halls of Residence