Malaysian Student

Dawn Kaur



International Foundation Year – Health & Science in 2015


Now studying Medicine at Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Why did you choose to study in Ireland?

I chose to study in Ireland because of RCSI. It was my first choice of university. Ireland is a beautiful country filled with amazing green sceneries and great historical sites. It is so diverse, that you are able to see the different cultures here in Ireland.

What has been your favourite part of studying abroad?

My favourite part about studying abroad would be the traveling. I love traveling around UK and Europe.
It is so easy to get around places from Ireland and with a reasonable price too.
I try to get every opportunity I can during semester breaks to visit a new place across Europe.

What did you love about living in Ireland?

The liveliness. Going from the bustling streets on Harcourt Street and city centre to the music performers on Grafton Street. The beautiful countryside and lakes. Glendalough lake is my favourite.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I love going for brunches with friends and discovering new cafes to try.

What is your favourite food?

I eat anything and everything.

What is your fondest memory of DIFC?

Ice-skating in Dundrum with the entire class. That day was filled with memories and laughter
that I will remember and appreciate.

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