Student Support Services – helping you from the day you arrive

For truly successful study, you not only need a high-quality study programme, but also a support network that ensures you can focus on your studies and enjoy student life. DIFC care begins while you are still in your home country and continues throughout your studies with us.  DIFC has a network of supportive agents around the world to help you make the right decision.  Once you arrive in Dublin, you will be cared for by the DIFC Student Support Services Team.

Student Services Team

Based at DIFC, the Student Services Team look forward to meeting you and to supporting you throughout your studies.  Student Services offer a range of support services designed to meet the specific needs of international students.  When you first arrive at DIFC, they will help you to settle into student life in Dublin, and will remain your first point of contact for any non-academic issues, ranging from registering with the doctor and opening a bank account, to giving you guidance on visa issues.  The Student services team is always there for you and more than happy to help and advise.

Orientation Programme

On arrival, a comprehensive orientation programme is provided to welcome you and introduce you to studying at DIFC and living in Dublin.  It is important that you attend the orientation programme.  The programme includes a formal academic induction where you will be registered for your programme, take an English language placement test, receive your timetable and, for academic purposes, select your modules.  You will also be given a tour of the city centre so that you can find out about the local transport systems and the best places to shop.  During orientation there are also many organised social activities to help you settle into life at DIFC and meet other students.

Students Under 18 Years

Before DIFC accepts a student under 18 years of age, parents must sign a consent form authorising nominated DIFC staff to act in loco parentis (on behalf of the parent) in the case of an emergency.  This person will also be the first point of contact for the parents in case of an emergency. Parents are also required to complete a medical information form.  Relevant forms will be sent to parents and the student with the confirmation documents.  No student will be accepted at DIFC without these forms having been completed, signed and returned to DIFC before the start of the course.

DIFC recommends that parents appoint an Irish based guardian for international students under 18.  If parents are making their own arrangements for either guardianship services or a friend or family member in Ireland to act as guardian to the student, evidence of these arrangements must be supplied to DIFC before the course starts.

Placement Counselling

DIFC has a full time Placement Manager who is responsible for counselling and advising students regarding where will be placed in university on completion of their course.  The service includes helping students to complete their application forms and liaison with the universities in Ireland and UK to place all students on appropriate courses.  Arrangements are also made for Irish universities to come to DIFC campus and for visits to university campuses.

Social Activity Programme

While the main reason for coming to Dublin is to study, in our experience, involvement in non-academic activities will help you adjust to life in Europe and allow you to develop a network of friends to make your stay more enjoyable.  Dublin offers a wide variety of options for socialising, experiencing the arts or taking part in sports.  DIFC also organises a regular programme of activities designed to help you make the most of your time in Ireland.

Facilities at the college include a sports centre and fitness room.  There is also a common room equipped with games and there are numerous clubs and societies to join.