“My time here at DIFC has simply been exceptional. The support I received from the staff of DIFC has helped me grow in countless ways over a short period of time. Being a class rep, I make a lot of observations and I have seen a similar growth in my classmates from different nationalities.

On arrival to Dublin, I was quite timid and did not know what to expect in Ireland, but with help from the DIFC Student Services, I settled in quickly. The Irish people are also very friendly and have interesting cultural festivals.”

David Ochai – Nigeria

Now studying Pharmacy at RCSI Dublin

“My experience in DIFC has been a really great and exciting journey. Not only are the teachers and staff friendly and helpful, having a class of international students from all around the world was a wonderful opportunity for me to get to know different cultures and make new friends.

Without the help of DIFC, I wouldn’t have made it into the university of my choice, which is to do medicine in RCSI. Studying in Dublin has not only widened my perspective on the different aspects of life but has given me the courage to be an independent individual.

I highly recommend DIFC for anyone who is interested in studying  overseas”.

Dawn Areen Kaur – Malaysia

Now studying Medicine at RCSI Penang Pathway

A few years ago I chose to study in DIFC to prepare myself for third level education. In DIFC I received a great western-style pre-college experience and useful study tips from the staff, no mention thousands of potential offers from partner universities across the Ireland and the UK.

After a year in DIFC, I entered the DIT. I did exceptionally well in DIT and received PhD scholarship on my final year of undergraduate course. I have to admit that I can never achieve these without the choice of studying in DIFC.

I miss the year.”

Mingzhu Chen – China

Now studying a PhD in Engineering at Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT)


“When I joined DIFC, my only aim was to get into one of their Medical partner universities. However, I have done more than that. The DIFC programme has helped me to improve in different critical skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving and time management skills, which are essential for a successful university life.

Also, the fact that DIFC is located in one of the most peaceful and welcoming countries is comforting. The location of DIFC is very suitable for international students who want to settle in quickly without any problem. This is a programme I would love to recommend to a friend.”

Babatunde Kehinde – Nigeria

Now studying Medicine at RCSI Dublin

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Dublin International Foundation College not just because the staff – be it the academic staff or the student services team – were wonderful, but because of the amazing experience I’ve gotten from being a part of the students there.

As an international student, it might seen nerve-wrecking to be sent to a country so far away from home, not to mention, it could be difficult to adjust to the lifestyle there. However, as DIFC is a college which specialises in providing a foundation course for international students, it’s really not as hard to find students in similar positions.

Not to mention, the programme NCUK was excellent. I got the opportunity to do both assignments and exams. It really helped me in university now because I am expected to do assignments and give presentations and such. I feel if I had taken A levels I would not have been able to even cite or reference properly.

The staff in DIFC are truly excellent. I felt they truly do care for each and every one of their students, trying their hardest to educate us in the best way possible.

It was an amazing experience for me and truly something I cannot recommend enough. “

Angelina Long – Malaysia

Now studying Law at University of Leeds, UK


“Having left my country at 18, young but full of potentials, DIFC helped to make my dreams a reality with committed staff bent on harnessing my potentials.

I graduated from the Royal College of Surgeons In Ireland (RCSI Dublin) with Honours. I am now working as a clinical analyst in a top Tech company in Ireland and hope to start my residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology in the USA in the nearest future.

I will recommend DIFC to anyone always. “

Azibanigha Azi Scott – Nigeria

Graduated from Medicine at RCSI Dublin in July 2016

“Studying abroad really opens your mind. It’s a really great opportunity to develop your language skills and at the same time, meet people from various countries and learn about their unique cultures.  Ireland is a great place where you can find people from many countries and this is really good for the course that I want to do which is Politics and International Relations.

With DIFC inside Griffith College, we have been able to develop contacts with the Irish community, learn a little about life in Ireland and of course, practice our English with them. The teachers and the staff have been really helpful and encouraging. They will help you with any issue that you will face including personal difficulties and motivation. They will also give you complete support and advice in your selection and placement with a good quality university.

For that reason there is nothing to worry about, when you come to DIFC! They will support you with all the help that you will need.”

Marcello Hardman – Brazil

Now studying Politics and International Relations at Kingston University, UK

“I went to DIFC to further strengthen my application into The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI).

Not only does DIFC help you grow as an individual both emotionally and academically, but provides all the basic needs required for us as international students studying abroad.

I can only thank DIFC enough with what they have offered me the past year. I have learned a lot, and got the most proficient academic attention I have ever received.  Everything might seem intimidating at the start, but be sure that you are in safe hands while at DIFC.

I guess finally it’s all what you as a person make out of it, I believe that hard work pays off even if you’re not the smartest in class, and it definitely did this year with me”.

Ali Rifai – Jordan

Now studying Medicine at RCSI Dublin

“At the end of the course, I was so proud of myself on what I had done during the course, as we had been trained to produce a high standard of work in a limited time. I think this is what an international postgraduate student would really need to master prior to starting at University. In addition to that, I thoroughly enjoyed formative classes for English Academic Purposes and research methods classes where I got the chance to conduct academic research in my favourite area. I am thankful to all my teachers in DIFC for making my experience there such a great one.”

Sameerah Almalki – Saudi Arabia

Graduate Diploma Programme
University College Cork, MSc in Environment Analytical Chemistry (September 2015)
“When I came to Ireland I found the Irish people very friendly which helped me to settle in. I studied the Graduate Diploma Programme at DIFC and found it very helpful. In particular we had to prepare a 5000 word dissertation. I am
now studying a Masters in Logistics and Supply Chain at the University of Salford in the UK”

Jianchun Zhao (Bill) – China

Graduate Diploma
University of Salford
“DIFC was recommended to me by a friend and I recommend it to everyone who wants to prepare for studying at universities in Ireland and the UK. When I went there, my English was pretty good and I needed to develop my academic skills and DIFC helped me in achieving that. Besides studying English, we studied Research Methods and Critical Thinking, which are necessary for my next step – doing a Masters. Moreover, DIFC helped me to stand in front of people and present my ideas. 
During the course, we get an overview about the Irish culture which is essential for dealing with people inside and outside campus. the staff are very friendly and close to the students. In terms of the atmosphere, it’s combined between the academic life and entertainment. Another thing is that it’s located in the Griffith College campus which gave me an opportunity to live the university life and meet other people from different backgrounds.”

Munirah Alhamed – Saudi Arabia

Graduate Diploma Programme
NUI Maynooth