My Day at the RCSI Conferring Ceremony

It’s a day that every medical student dreams about – the day they graduate from medical school and become a doctor. For me, it still seems like a faraway dream as I have just completed the second year of my six-year Medicine degree with the Royal College of Surgeons Ireland (RCSI). But, last week I […]

By Nerilie Duffey | Blog

Student Interview – Ali Rifai – Football, Medicine and RCSI

The 2014/15 Premier League was not a great year to be an Arsenal fan, especially when one of your students is an enthusiastic Chelsea supporter. Fortunately, that Chelsea fan was Ali Rifai from Jordan – (pictured above -at the back) – the last in a line of Rifai brothers to pass through DIFC on their […]

By Stephen Bruce | Blog

My Transition to First Year Medicine at RCSI Dublin

The transition between high school and university is a very challenging one, however it does not necessarily have to be. I had the choice of direct entry into medical school but my father made sure that I went through a foundation year first. I always heard how tough medical school can be nevertheless I was […]

By Nerilie Duffey | Blog
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