Dublin International Foundation College is an educational institution that has been founded to provide international students with foundation courses which allow them to gain entry to university degrees at undergraduate and postgraduate level primarily in Ireland and the UK.

The DIFC Mission Statement is to provide students with the academic, administrative and pastoral support required not only to adjust to life as a student in Ireland but to complete their study plan and reach their full potential.

Our teachers take a collaborative approach to instruction. Working as a team of management, academic and student services staff, we aim to create a college spirit that will be appreciated by our students. At both individual and collective levels, we strive to promote the development of staff through programmes that are appropriate to the educational, pastoral and administrative operations of the college and the development needs of employees.

DIFC is a multinational community of students. We endeavour to have fully integrated classrooms where mutual respect and understanding of each other’s cultures is promoted and where students also gain an appreciation and understanding of Irish culture.

At DIFC, we aim to provide an appropriate, stimulating and broadly challenging education for all of our students. DIFC adopts a learner-centred approach to teaching. We also encourage our students to work together to help each other to succeed. We take a communicative approach to language learning and strive to create an environment within the college that stimulates this.

We aim to promote the development of critical thinking and independent learning skills through all of our modules and programmes and it is our objective to produce graduates who not only have the language level and subject knowledge required to enter university but also have the necessary academic skills, are critical thinkers and autonomous learners.